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Welcome to My Irish Chain and thanks for your interest in getting to know its story.

My Irish Chain is founded by Chimaine Taylor. Chimaine has been an avid quilter ever since the quilt bug bit her when she discovered quilting by accident while visiting a cross stitch store that was half cross stitch and half quilting store 18 years ago. She didn’t get fully immersed until 6 months later when both her and her husband were given orders to Okinawa, where the quilters were warm and welcoming. Chimaine has been a jack of all trades from cleaning carpets to Marine to administrative and customer service. Don’t be afraid to ask her a question; she loves to help and enjoys people.

The Irish Chain has always been one of Chimaine’s favorite patterns. It is great for the beginner and the experienced quilter at the same time. Also, since Chimaine is huge into her family genealogy, it also appeals to her Irish heritage. So she hopes you enjoy your time in her online store!

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Phone: 443-683-0842